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Back on track

It’s been a whirlwind of activity for me this month, quitting my job, moving out of my house, preparing for my trip and an unexpected 12,000 mile detour to the U.S and back. My head was in a constant spin-cycle vainly attempting to deal with everything at once until I realized that was impossible and began to work at things one at a time. Now that a majority of things have been cleared off my plate I can once again focus on my trip.

The last few days since I returned to Japan have been quite productive and nature has been kind to me and not clouded my mind with jet lag (though the 4 hour nap yesterday might suggest something different). I have also decided when I will leave my refuge here in Osaka, Monday, April 26th, 2 days from now. I know that if I don’t set a date and make it soon I will linger here too long wasting time and money when I could be out and exploring. The hard fact that I currently don’t have any income and that each yen that I spend while preparing here in Osaka could have been spent to move me forward is a painful reality I can not ignore.

In a previous post, Not as easy as I thought, I said that my pack was like a 10 year old kid with his arms wrapped around my neck and legs around my waist. I am now proud to say that my ‘child’ has lost weight and is now more like a 9 year old thanks to a few strategic purchases from REI while I was in the US and some liberal discarding of heavy clothes. I took about an hour yesterday to go through the contents and make a list of what I will be carrying around on my back. Here it is:

1 Ipod touch 64Gb
1 Dell Studio 1537 w/power cables
1 Buffalo 500GB external mini-USB drive (red)
1 Eneloop AA charger + 6 batteries
1 Canon 50D SLR
2 spare batteries for Canon 50D
2 Canon battery chargers (1 for 50D 1 for Ixy 220IS)
1 Sigma 17-50mm 2.8
1 Canon 200mm 2.8 L series
1 Canon 50mm 1.8
1 Canon Ixy Digital 220IS
1 Black Rapid quick access camera strap
1 SanDisk 1GB Extreme 3 Compact flash card
1 SanDisk 4GB Extreme 3 Compact flash card
1 SanDisk 8GB Extreme 3 Compact flash card
1 Nagawara sys-com 1GB Compact flash card
1 Sandisk 1GB SD card
1 Sandisk 2GB SD card
Assorted cables (lan, usb)
1 AU cell phone (for use in Japan)
1 LED flashlight

3 pairs Ex-officio boxers (blue, grey, turquoise)
2 pair REI long pants summer weight (navy and khaki)
1 pair cotton short pants (khaki)
2 pair Nike Fit short sleeve shirts (grey and black)
1 Under Armour Heat Gear short sleeve shirt (black)
1 Under Armour Cold Gear long sleeve shirt (black)
1 REI summer weight long sleeve button up shirt
4 pairs Cabella’s heavy hiking socks (blue)
1 REI long sleeve Polartec long sleeve pullover (blue)
1 REI One coat (blue)
1 leather belt (brown)
1 Monte-bell raincoat (yellow)
1 pair Monte-bell water proof pants (black)
1 Drylite camping towel (green)
1 cotton face towel (white)
1 Izod long sleeve shirt (blue)
1 pair Gordini long underwear (black)
1 winter hat
1 pair Monte-bell ski gloves

Camping Gear
1 MSR Whisperlite Internationale gas stove
1 MSR fuel bottle (591ml)
1 set EPI camping pots (fry pan and pot)
1 Steripen
1 Evernew camping pad
1 Cabela’s one man tent
1 Marmot winter weight sleeping bag
1 Leatherman multi-tool
1 bag rice (approx. 2lbs)
Assorted spices (soy sauce, curry powder, salt)

1 Karrimor Cougar 70-95 internal frame backpack
1 Karrimor Jura 20L daypack
1 Camelbak 3L water bag with locking mouthpiece
1 Isuka 20L pack cover
1 Isuka 70-85L pack cover
1 pair Merril mid hiking boots
1 bear bell

1 Velbon CX200 tripod
1 wooden shinobue (flute)
Assorted stuff sacks
100 business cards (Tramp Royal)
30 business cards (Alcoholmanac)
1 mascot (Griffith from Japanese anime Berserk)

Sideboard (to be picked up on coming through Kyoto)
1 REI summer weight sleeping bag
2 pairs short pants
1 pair swim trunks
1 bottle -48 pills- anti-diarrhea medicine

My gear for the trip around Asia

My gear for the trip around Asia

Insane, right? I’m going to carry all of that around on my back. If you think I missed anything important (I know I didn’t list toiletries), let me know. Oh, and please don’t recommend a kitchen sink


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