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Tramp Royal debuts in Alcoholmanac

It was a great day as I flipped through the latest issue of Alcoholmanac and came to a stop on page 22.  There, staring up at me from a two page spread, was my first ever published article.  The title, “Michael Wessel’s Tramp Royal’ brought a smile to my face.  Though my photography had graced the pages of Alcoholmanac before (and even a cover photo) this was my official debut as a writer.

Since I returned from Asia life and work has been up in the air.  Months have passed in a flash as I’ve looked for a job and ways to move forward.  The time not spent browsing job boards and calling prospective employers has been dedicated to photography.

From DIY lighting, to poring over other photographers work, to hours spent in my makeshift basement studio shooting friends and products it’s been a tough and frustrating road to walk.  I have no doubt that I’ve only scratched the surface and the thought of how far I have to go is a daunting one.

Yet at the same time the evil and malevolent grin of that challenge beckoning me quickens my heart and propels me forward.

So, looking at the magazine spread out before me with work created by my own hands, I have to wonder, what’s next?  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, whether or not I’ll find a job that will suddenly yank me from this newly discovered world or a different opportunity that pulls me deeper into it.  All I do know is that now I can point to something and say, ‘there, look, I did that.’

Check out the Tramp Royal article and photography in the latest issue of Alcoholmanac available at bars and restaurants all around downtown Milwaukee or if you are out of the area feel free to contact me and I’ll scan you a copy to peruse.


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